Great article on local “SOTA celebrity” Steve Galchutt, WG0AT

Anyone who spends any time on HF and simplex VHF (2m calling) frequencies in Colorado has likely heard the familiar “CQ SOTA” call from local SOTA legend Steve (WG0AT) Galchutt. Steve is known for his relentless pursuit of SOTA peaks, for hiking with his actual goats, and of course for his great and appropriate callsign. Steve is currently ranked as the #4 SOTA activator in the Colorado W0C region, and has over 650 summits, and almost 3,000 points. Simply phenomenal.

Smithsonian Magazine just did a great article on Steve, and on the return of Morse code. Take a moment to read it, and give a listen for Steve and other SOTA hams. It’s still a lot of fun to chase them when you can’t be out trekking and activating yourself.

Link to article:

To find and follow SOTA activations:

Steve’s QRZ page:

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