Board of Directors

Scott Allen, WØSJE, President

Scott Allen, WØSJE has been a ham since 1976 and enjoys many aspects of the hobby, from CW, HF and VHF communications to satellite work and contesting. He also enjoys promoting public interest, education for new hams and emergency communications. Recently he started SOTA, DMR and foxhunting. Now closing in on retirement, Scott is excited to pursue other interests: astronomy, photography, hiking, camping and geology (especially Yellowstone). He is currently (nearly) retired from LASP (CU) in aerospace and has worked for 30 years on various deep space missions, focusing on Mars and 10 years in defense. Scott is proud to be a new member of the IPRC and looks forward to helping out with club projects.

Matt Reynolds, KDØPYK, Vice President

Debra Allen, KFØIAJ, Treasurer

Rob Jones, KEØSOW, Secretary

As an RF engineer in training, I am pursuing ham radio to learn more about RF hardware & propagation, participate in contesting, help out in the community, and to make international contacts.

Leon Toorenburg, WWØR, Trustee