Hidden Transmitter Hunt 1/29/2023

Date: Sunday January 29th , 2023 (weather permitting)

Time: Start 9:00am – End 1:00pm

Frequency: 146.565 MHz.

Power: 5 watts as well as 15mW.

What the transmitter sounds like:

Series’s of musical sounding tones followed by my Callsign in CW (N0CFM) for the 5 watt transmitter and my call sign repeatedly in CW for the 15 mW transmitter.

Time of transmitter : 1.5 minutes on 3.5 minutes off for each transmitter. Will try to make sure they don’t overlap with each other.

Boundaries: the transmitters will be within the boundary lines, and will be publicly accessible.

North boundary: Northwest Parkway / E470

West boundary: Simms St.

South boundary: 6th Ave.

East boundary: Holly St.

Check in Repeater/Frequency: 145.280MHz – (100 Hz tone) this is an Intermountain Repeater Group Repeater

This repeater is for prehunt check ins as well as general communications during the hunt. Check in’s will start 15 minutes before the hunt.

Purpose: To further enjoy the amateur radio hobby, and socialize with our local amateur operators. As well as practice useful skills in radio direction finding. Please as always use your best judgment and safe practices in finding the hidden transmitter. The goal is to enjoy your hunt.

The transmitter will be located in a publicly accessible location.

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