IPRC Net Exercise tonight

Hello everyone!  

Tonight is the night for our repeater testing exercise, which will be conducted during our weekly net window.  We will be linking the WØNED repeater to the AirLink Gold Hill repeater and testing out the coverage of the IPRC repeater in and around the Nederland area, with a specific focus on the checkpoint locations for the upcoming Ned Ned race event on 11 September.  

All members of the IPRC, AirLink, and any licensed hams are welcome and encouraged to participate from any location.  Rick (KKØCOP) will be serving as net control and capturing the data and signal reports from all participating stations.  Several of us will be driving around the Nederland area and testing with mobile and HT radios to make sure that we have solid coverage for the race event, and just to get a better idea of the coverage and functionality of the IPRC repeater.  

Regardless of your location and station type, please try to check in to the net using the WØNED machine first and give a signal report using the below rating criteria.  If you are unable to get in on the IPRC repeater, then please call in on the AirLink machine and report that, and then give a signal report for how well you can hear each of the repeaters at your location.  Rick will give you a signal report and ask some details about your location and station equipment.  The details of both repeaters are below.  

I will be leaving my QTH and heading for Ned an hour or so before net time (7:00 PM), and I will be bringing a few extra HT radios for others to use.  Remember that the WØNED repeater is UHF (70cm) and the AirLink machine is VHF (2 meters).  If you need a radio to use for the exercise, please reply to this thread and let me know so that we can arrange to get one to you.  

Thank you all in advance for your help with the exercise tonight, and please reply with any questions, or to let us know that you will be participating.  I look forward to hearing you on the air. 




WØNED Repeater:

Downlink: 448.550 MHz
Uplink: 443.550 MHz

Offset: 5 MHz
PL Tone: 141.3 Hz (CTCSS)

AirLink Repeater:

Downlink: 146.910 MHz
Uplink: 146.310 MHz
Offset: -0.6 MHz
PL Tone: 123.0 Hz (CTCSS)

Signal rating criteria:

1 – Very Poor (broke squelch or nothing heard)
2 – Poor (unintelligible audio heard)
3 – Fair (dropping some words)
4 – Okay(scratchy but mostly readable)
5 – Usable (fully readable, but significant static)
6 – QSO Quality (white noise, but not affecting QSO)
7 – Good Enough (fully readable, good audio)
8 – Good (only minor hiss with carrier, strong audio)
9 – Very Good (full quieting, very slight static)
10 – Excellent (full quieting, no static)

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