Fox Hunt / FD Event Location

Hey all,

Just a reminder that there is a fox (hidden transmitter) hunt coming up this weekend on Sunday.  This one will be a lot closer to our area than the previous ones have been, and that may not happen again for a while, so please consider participating.  The basic information is below, and all hams of any license or skill level are welcome to join in, as are non-licensed ham enthusiasts.  Please reach out to me if you would like more info.  

Date: Sunday May 16th

Time: 9:00am

Frequency: 146.565 MHz


North boundary: A straight line East/West on South Boulder Road

West boundary: follows 93

South boundary: A straight line East/West on 58th Ave.

East boundary: I-25 

Also, as some of you already know, we have decided not to hold the IPRC 2021 Summer Field Day event at the Rock Lake area at the Bar K Ranch as previously planned.  The Bar K Association changed their minds at the last moment and decided that they did not want people staying in the area overnight, which is a show stopper for us.  Scott (WØSJE) came through for us in a pinch once again, and secured us permission to hold the  event at the home of Sal (KCØRDJ).  Sal has 4 acres in a really nice spot in the Bar K just a minute or two from Rock Lake.  

Scott and I are heading up to Sal’s place after the fox hunt to have a closer look at the place and to start planning out the event and station layout.   We don’t want to completely overwhelm Sal, but if some of you (especially the board members) would like to accompany us after the hunt, please let me know.  

Thanks and hope to see you out there.


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