Pictures and Bios

Greetings IPRC members!

Just a friendly reminder that we still need your pictures and bios for the members page of the website.  Both, the picture(s) and the bios are, of course, totally voluntary, but we would very much like to build out that page of the site to put some faces and stories to the IPRC, and to let visitors to the site know who we are, and what a rich tapestry of backgrounds and experiences we have amongst our ranks.  

Please have a look at the board and member bio pages when you can to see what we are looking for, and send a pic or two and a paragraph about yourself to and Bryan will get you added to the page ASAP.  

Bios with no pics are also happily accepted, and if you already have a bio built on your QRZ page or elsewhere on the interwebz, please give us that URL, and we will link to it.   

Thank you and 73!



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